Monday, 29 April 2013

Worry Wart #23

Let's focus on some positives! I can not recommend this podcast enough. It is also a wonderfully informative website with loads of tips on how to meditate. The method of these meditations suits me down to the ground. No chanting or focusing on something so you can't get it wrong!It's all about learning that thoughts will come and go easily and you can sit quietly in your mind and watch them, they have no consequence to you. Thoughts are not you! This is something that has taken a long, long, loooong time to learn. When I am pottering around the planet thinking 'Argh, I'm so shit!' it doesn't ACTUALLY MAKE ME SHIT! It is a thought and it has no power. That is a brilliant thing to realise!

There are tons to try on the website and I have found there are a couple that really make sense to me and I listen to them depending on my mood. Sometimes, I don't even hear them. Sometimes I fall asleep.
And it doesn't matter. That is perfect :)


Gurrupurru said...

Thanks for the link! I'll try the podcasts :)

dani abram said...

Aw let me know if you like them! I really like the 'effortless meditation' one and 'Enhance your creativity.' They're so relaxing! :)

Lauren said...

Thanks for the links! Downloading them now :) I use some from here: Mostly I just use the "body scan for sleep" to relax me into sleep as my mind gets so busy.