Friday, 19 April 2013

Worry Wart 14 - 20.

Here is a Worry Wart update. Sorry for such a lot of pages in one go but I really am not following any rules ya know! :D
I wish I had the original list I wrote at the therapy centre! But it wasn't really one of the things I HAD to pack to move to Ireland! I was given a lot of worksheets too. The good news is, that when I felt I no longer needed them, I gave them to someone else to read! So I hope I helped you mystery person who shall remain nameless! 
I wish I'd tried harder at CBT. I just had no one to talk to! If I had the support I have now, I would have been flying! And me and my parents are on much better terms! I am happy they are happy! But I was never prepared for the affects of divorce on a 'grown up.' 

 To read from the beginning click here! :D


LEE said...

Such good stuff - you know I want to hug you til you pop, right?

Andyanimation said...

Wow this is a great comic. Very brave of you to be so public about your experiences. I really hope in doing so you've helped yourself and that it's helping others.

Lee said...

Great stuff. It's brilliant that your putting this out there, Dani.

I hope this reaches the widest audience it can, so it can help other folk.

Also, the drawing on these are great!

bintykins said...

blimey you lot, stobbit :,) I really hope it helps someone, because then I won't feel so selfish. Really, they are helping me more than anyone could know. Instead of these awful memories or being scared in places, I have cute comics. (The one on the bench, crying because the road was closed for example. I beat myself up about that for months and months. Now I just remember the drawing and it's actually quite a sweet thing. I can't visualise the original scenario properly anymore! Which is half the battle won!!)