Saturday, 16 November 2013


Oh my gosh people. I am thoroughly in love with my new Cintiq! I have only just this weekend had a chance to use it properly on some digital commissions and it is a pure joy!
I never thought I'd ever own one, but a couple of weeks ago Amazon had a 2 hour flash sale on the Cintiq 12WX. It is an old, simple model, but it is a Cintiq nonetheless! I am useless at making decisions and at first I was cursing the fact that I had no Ian to ask what to do! After about an hour of going bright red and heart palpitations from excitement I thought it best just to buy the damn thing, and cry about the money later. 'It is an investment' I kept telling myself! This year I am saving HARD to buy a new PC so I can go full blown freelance next May! Well, this is my first step towards that goal! I am so proud for making a decision all by myself!
I had to wait hours to tell Ian! I could have burst!

I scribbled this up for fun! A friend of mine recently got a new kitty and called her Squidge Face! Best. Cat. Ever.
For you Sarah Betty! ^-^

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Thought Bubble Commissions and Con Sketches

Hello everyone!
For the first time ever I will be open to A5 commissions for the Thought Bubble festival! At my table you will find a folder full of pieces for sale or you can commission your favourite character or even one of yourself! They are marker and ink sketches on A5 card, with some grey tones and a splash of colour if I feel wild! Please see below for some examples!
Should you wish to order yours before the convention for pick up please get in touch with your ideas! They will be charged at £5 per piece :)

I can't wait for Thought Bubble! Can you?!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Winter Spiced Butternut Squash Muffins!

As you may or may not have heard (the latter being a bit bloody unlikely!) I am currently on an elimination diet! I won't bore you with the details of what FODMAPs are or what I'm treating here because I do that ALL DAY LONG ON FACEBOOK. I have been challenging ground almonds in the form of a 'bread' type thing and have been loving it because a) It's not meat. b) It's been staying in! Yay! With the addition of ground almonds to my teeny tiny foods list I can make all sorts of weird concoctions! I have really missed baking and I have been craving sweet things! One of the veggies I'm allowed is Butternut Squash. I've been getting a bit sick and tired of it with meals because of it's sweetness. Well, it's this sweetness that I am exploiting now! In the form of my very own Winter Spiced Butternut Squash MUFFINS! Yay! I drew up the recipe for those that asked. It's practically bloody health food because it is Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Sugar Free! All the sweetness comes from the humble Squash and a little natural organic nut butter! (Sorry gang, no Sunpat allowed!) Feast on these!

I should mention that the cup I used for measurements was a quaint china tea cup :D 
I took one out to enjoy at a bonfire this evening and boy did it hit the sweet spot! :D Let me know if you make them! This is the first recipe I've ever thrown together and I've got a feeling it'll stick around for life :)