Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Worry Wart #10

I have written loads of pages of Worry Wart since I moved to Ireland for the year. During the latter half of last year, I weened myself (all cold turkey like) off all the drugs I was on and took regularly to combat my anxiety. So I am now au natural but boy does that mean I have to take my time to analyse what's going on before acting/reacting to anything. It's sad for me to report that I am still fighting. I so hoped that I would have 'gone back to normal' by now... it's been years! I feel so hard done by because I remember a time when I wasn't like this! I would get on any bus with almost reckless abandon! I didn't even think about it! Since moving to Ireland though, I have flown back to the UK ON AN ACTUAL PLANE once, and back again! I can not stress how important this is to me!

 Anyway, if I can sort through my notes and my diary, maybe I can make more comics because it sure helps me.

Isn't crying weird!?