Friday, 31 May 2013

Dexter's Half Dozen pin-up

Dexters Half Dozen is one of my abso fave UK Indie titles! They have 8 issues out and are currently collecting them together to print as trades. When artist David Clifford asked me to do a pin up to print in the back of one of their books I almost jumped on him! I was so excited! So here she is! I think it's my bestest work ever, I am so happy with it! I've collected the baddies from The Pit of Pestilence issues (#5 and #6) and thrown Walpurgis in for good measure. I love a bad girl, me, and DHD is full of them! Anna cons the soliders into following her to their certain doom. She says 'Do you know what it is like, to lose everyone you ever loved?' Tricksy bitch!

I bloody love Dave's artwork! And I never thought I could get so sucked into a WWII story quite so much as I am with this series! It is written by Jamie Lambert and he is one funny dude! I hope you can see just how much I love this comic in my pin up. It doesn't do the series justice though: CHECK IT OOOOUT!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Commission: Instruction signage!

I recently had a brief to create some instruction sheets for some equipment used in a stop-motion animation studio! Specifically in the puppet making department and, even more specifically, for a cool bit of kit called a Vacuum Chamber!
Here is my finished work:

I got the chance to use it too! Watching air being sucked out of silicone is coooool!

Friday, 17 May 2013

I am currently open for commissions!

Need some 'toons? You let me know, yeah!? I am so contactable it's almost sad! I work digitally. Full colour, B&W, character art, comics pages, whatever your project needs! Get in touch and we can talk quotes! I can work to suit all budgets!

Hope you enjoyed the sketch dump! I have been busy preparing for, travelling to, enjoying and selling at and eventually, getting over Bristol Comic Expo 2013! What a blast! We sold 90 comics! That's amazing - it's only our second con and we are over the mooooon! You can buy one or both issues of RAZARHAWK over at our Comicsy Store! Woo woo!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Worry Wart #25

You can find out everything you need to from
I downloaded it from the app store on my iPhone back when I was doing CBT. It's great for recording your mood as a numerical value so you can remember for later. The best thing about it is seeing all your Happy and Sad updates in one place, so you can spot patterns. If you can spot a pattern then you are more likely to make changes and stick to them - it's tailored, it works for you.
I became so in love with moodpanda I even designed the sites avatars :)

Here are some of the avatars I drew!

It also offers a community of like minded people, all over the world. More often than not, someone will be feeling exactly the same as you - and they can let you know in the form of virtual hugs! It's recently featured on American telly too! On NBC! Not bad for a free app created in Bristol!
If you don't want hugs then you can make it entirely private too! But who doesn't like hugs!?

I know I sound like a sales rep, but I really can't tell you how much moodpanda has dragged me through some awful times. And I don't really need to sell it, if you feel like me then you'll know how useful it could be.

I love tech!

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Worry Wart #24

Not doing a grand old job of heeding this advice myself today! But it does work for me when I can make myself do it! I am finding yoga to be a fab mood booster and I love the feeling of knackered muscles the day after. Some poses are so much harder than they look! The standing side stretch thingy is impossible to hold for 10 breaths! It's YUCK! But it's called a yoga 'practice' because there is no perfect yoga. It's always a practice! Keep practicing! 
When my mind is erratic and bad thoughts are spinning out of control and I can't calm down, I always try to remember to take a moment to have a calming camomile tea. A sit and a re-think, a break, is always a good idea when I get like this! Slow that brain down, it's not a race! And just because my thoughts are racing doesn't mean my heart actually is! 

I have recently been very worried about this comic, and the effect it might be having on my future job prospects. All a possible employer would have to do is google me and 'BAM! Dani Abram is a nervous mental!' But I wanted to be open and honest. It was a big decision to make it not anonymous. I only hope anyone finding this comic would appreciate what a focused and creative endeavor I have turned my anxiety into. 
What do you think? 

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