Monday, 22 September 2014

Saturday, 20 September 2014


*mutters* fancy a robot... fancy a robot... help... I fancy a robot *rocks back and forth* 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Pride Adventures #2

Hello comics! Comics comics comics. Sincerely, comics.

It's comics crazy all up in here and today is no exception! Whilst attending Melksham Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, I got to catch up with letterer genius and all round brilliant dude, Mike Stock. I realised that as I contributed to Joe Glass' TPA#2, he must have lettered my work! So I did some hunting (it was easy! They're right here!)
Looook! Doesn't Mike Stock make everything better?! Answer: Yes. Yes he does.
This is my page 1 of my story Ladies Night, written by Joe Glass!
I don't wanna freak you out or nothing, but Christian Wildgoose is in it too! AAARGHHHH *buys all the comics*

In other news: I HAVE 8 ISSUES OF WORRY WART LEFT IN STOCK! Almost sold out in under two weeks! That's incredible :D


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Worry Wart Is Launched!

Woweee you guys! It's done! Worry Wart has had it's launch this weekend at Melksham Comic Con and may I say what a successful launch it was! I am flabbergasted by the response. I sold over half my stock on the weekend and many more through our online shop since. I'm nearly out! That's craaazy! ^_^

I had a wonderful weekend. I was thoroughly looked after by the Brians, I loved the Mental Health and Comic Books panel I talked at and I was even invited onto The PCG's 'Comics In Just A Minute' game show panel! (Which turned out to be hilarious! You'd think I could talk coherently for one minute, no!? Apparently not!)

Thank you to everyone that came out to chat to me, to buy a book and to everyone that has emailed me/got in touch since! You're all splendid human beings and there is many bacon for you in the afterlife!

I haven't stopped for a moment since I got back - I am dyyying to read my con haul. I went a little mental and bought ALL the comics. Sorry everybody! :p Just need chance to sit on my butt and read them!

If you want to read Worry Wart, click here.

The next con we'll be visiting is Nottingham Comic Con ^_^ x