Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My UPFEST Canvas

Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls, here is my canvas piece for the UPFEST show for this weekend - 4th/5th June over at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol! It is for sale at £120 for 24" x 12" mixed media on canvas. You can buy it at the show and money raised will go to NACoA Charity! Yay!
As well as an eclectic exhibition there will also be over 200 artists live painting on every scrap of wall available on Raliegh Rd and North Street and many more locations around Southville! :D
I will be butchering a board in the Vector Car Park... pleeeeease drop by and say 'Hi!' ..Pint of cider!? Words of wisdom!? ..Give me a friendly wave!? ...Don't throw rotten tomatoes at me!!
Also keep an eye on the Try Again pub... they're gunna paint over that reet big Yoda!! :D

Friday, 20 May 2011


Lorenzo, as many will know, is one of my favourite artists around! He does solo stuff, but is mostly known for this collaborations with writer bro' Robin, collectively The Etherington Brothers! Together they make awesome comics for kids, chiefly Monkey Nuts and Baggage, but also have work in The Dandy!
Bristol peeps will know Lorenzo from his Weapon of Choice live shows and exhibitions as well as his many contributions to Ink Dot!

He also releases his sketchbooks - and I have been lucky enough to get him to doodle an original drawing in the 2 books I've bought - his 'El Sketchbook Lorenzo Deluxe Collection' and 'El Sketchbook Lorenzo Volume F.I.V.E'

Here is one:

But the COOLEST thing in the world is having Mr Lorenzo Etherington Himself ask me to sign his bought copy of Tales of the Spiffing - and request a doodle!

So here it is...

And there you have it... I've made it. It's totally official.

Please check out these links - you have just found yourself a new favourite artist!