Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Last update of 2009? Haven't I done well!

What a shame I didn't stick to my resolution of keeping on top of my blog this year! I've been busy working and gaming and moaning and cooking I'm afraid!
More has happened this year than any other year I've spent on earth! My job in the childrens tv industry is fun, cute and challenging! I have just today got the date that the new CG preschool series that everyone is talking about will be aired on cBeebies! January 9th 2010! I'll be badgering all my friends to tune in to witness my first tv credit! (although this does depend on which episode is shown!)
I've taken a Japanese language course at Bristol University, and intend to take a creative writing course aswell!
And it's nearly Christmas an time for my first proper office Christmas parteee!! Yay!
Anyway... Here's hoping next year I actually use my blog?? I'm blogging from my new iPhone so no excuses! :P
Happy New Year!