Friday, 31 May 2013

Dexter's Half Dozen pin-up

Dexters Half Dozen is one of my abso fave UK Indie titles! They have 8 issues out and are currently collecting them together to print as trades. When artist David Clifford asked me to do a pin up to print in the back of one of their books I almost jumped on him! I was so excited! So here she is! I think it's my bestest work ever, I am so happy with it! I've collected the baddies from The Pit of Pestilence issues (#5 and #6) and thrown Walpurgis in for good measure. I love a bad girl, me, and DHD is full of them! Anna cons the soliders into following her to their certain doom. She says 'Do you know what it is like, to lose everyone you ever loved?' Tricksy bitch!

I bloody love Dave's artwork! And I never thought I could get so sucked into a WWII story quite so much as I am with this series! It is written by Jamie Lambert and he is one funny dude! I hope you can see just how much I love this comic in my pin up. It doesn't do the series justice though: CHECK IT OOOOUT!

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