Saturday, 16 November 2013


Oh my gosh people. I am thoroughly in love with my new Cintiq! I have only just this weekend had a chance to use it properly on some digital commissions and it is a pure joy!
I never thought I'd ever own one, but a couple of weeks ago Amazon had a 2 hour flash sale on the Cintiq 12WX. It is an old, simple model, but it is a Cintiq nonetheless! I am useless at making decisions and at first I was cursing the fact that I had no Ian to ask what to do! After about an hour of going bright red and heart palpitations from excitement I thought it best just to buy the damn thing, and cry about the money later. 'It is an investment' I kept telling myself! This year I am saving HARD to buy a new PC so I can go full blown freelance next May! Well, this is my first step towards that goal! I am so proud for making a decision all by myself!
I had to wait hours to tell Ian! I could have burst!

I scribbled this up for fun! A friend of mine recently got a new kitty and called her Squidge Face! Best. Cat. Ever.
For you Sarah Betty! ^-^

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