Sunday, 15 April 2012

Worry Wart

This is intended to be a personal diary, just to spring clean some of the shit that's clogging the filing cabinets of my brain, making it hard for me to function ^-^

If you know me well you will know I have had anxiety for nearly 4 years and I am currently taking a drug called Citalopram! For those that didn't know, well, now you do! I have been on other drugs and have had Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but lately I have relapsed. My life has changed so much over that time that I am struggling to make sense of possible causes, triggers, cures, safety behaviours and so on... This will hopefully help me to share and explain some of my fears, actions and hopes.

I just need to draw some of this crap out!


Hemaniscool said...

I've suffered from terrible anxiety for years myself. I was a complete recluse from 18 to 23. I've also been on Citalopram on and off years. Tried CBT too. I find living with anxiety has it's ups and downs. I have my relapses too. You'll pull through it again.

Paul Hill said...

It's good to see that you are trying to find positive ways of getting through this horrible stuff.

I hope the road to feeling better is short.


bintykins said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments ^-^

It was my 23rd Birthday present I think >:| It's clinging to 'hope' that I find the most challenging! Sometimes I have none and I can't remember what it was like when I had it. At the moment I am clawing some back from somewhere! I don't think CBT worked for me... I found it too hard!