Thursday, 19 April 2012

Worry Wart pg4

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Paul Hill said...

I think it's great that you are finding a way to air these problems. A lot of the stress of these situations is the thought of what others may think. So, I would hope, that simply talking about them outside of yourself is a help.

Although, I'm not an expert and would in know way want to tell you how you should feel.

Good work.

bintykins said...

Yep - in the beginning my biggest fear by far was embarrasing myself or putting other people out! People having to 'deal' with me! That's why I was so keen to live on my own :)
Now I find it really helps to tell all and sundry and not make a big deal out of it!
'I'm just going out for some air!'
'because I'm starting to feel nervous about being in this crowded pub! No biggie, back in a bit!'


bintykins said...

I will also tell the train ticket man that I am feeling nervous too! I usually get a friendly 'there's nothing to be nervous about love! Trains are fun! You'll be ok!' and a smile, which makes me feel better knowing that someone knows...
Of course, these don't work everytime and I've left many a train in a panic! Same with cinema screenings and eating out :) I'm still learning to live with it!