Thursday, 15 January 2015

CelAction2D rigging/animation

Here is a quick walk cycle I knocked up as part of industry CelAction2D training I undertook last year.
I loved the course, especially rigging. It takes so much prior planning building your character in pieces in Photoshop. I normally don't get to be a part of that process in 3D.
I loved CelAction and would really like to keep my skills! As part of the course we were offered a discount on the software but I never heard back from the developers. I fear I am forgetting all I learned, especially since I have recently fallen down an After Effects hole!
You might recognise this character from my Squishy Head comics! I always envisaged it as a short series of uber short cartoons. I have been re-rigging her in AE for this purpose. I'd love to make a tiny web-series ^_^
I wish I could show more of my work on the course, but unfortunately it got eaten by network issues! Sad times.


Andy Blazdell said...

Hi Dani,

We don't have a record of you contacting us. Write to me at andy*(at)* (remove the brackets and asterisks) and I'll take care of it personally.

Andy Blazdell

bintykins said...

Ooh thank you Andy! I will do! ^_^