Thursday, 13 June 2013

Worry Wart #27

I know I have touched on this before, eliminating foods, but it really was such a psychologically massive part of my life around 2010-2011. I wouldn't eat anywhere. There was only bread left in my diet at one point... HO BOY WAS THAT AN ERROR. The comic will reveal why soon enough, but for now here is page 27! Wow, 27 pages! Good going, bintykins. I wish I hadn't have bloody lied to the CBT lady, or to everyone else for that matter. I didn't even tell my partner at the time. Having no one to talk to makes EVERYTHING worse. You just have this internal war all day long. I have learned a very valuable lesson. But some behaviours prevail, unfortunately. Not eating before I have a journey/event/meeting/interview is one of them. I have starved myself for days before a train journey just to make sure I'm 'empty.' Not healthy at all. To read Worry Wart from the beginning click here!

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