Sunday, 8 March 2009

A brief update

It's been a whole year since I set this up! 1 post a year...that's not too bad!
I've had a few projects on the go since then, some fun, some on-going! And lots of things have been going on in my personal life. It's been crazy moving to Bristol and adjusting. I miss the north a lot! But I have started this year with a very strong resolve to make 2009 the one that counts.
I've got so many things to actually finish that it's quite daunting! So why am I taking on new projects as well! I must be mad.
I have a friend who I've been meaning to work with for a while. We always talk of making a film together and this time we mean it!! So one of the projects I am starting is a short live action film intended to be submitted for a short film competition that my friend has his eye on every year! I'll post my/our progress as time goes on but for now we have a script and I'm currently storyboarding.
One thing I really want to do this year as well is go over my short animated film Bernie's Backpack. This'll be the third time! But the final time. I have already planned the next one I want to do but ...this one really needs cleaning! A lot of it I am happy with (the environment, rendering and the Bernie model itself for example) but theres also a lot that still makes me cringe! Bernie desperately needs re-rigging. A mammoth task that will require a massive amount of the animation to be redone.
I am also going to apply to go back to school! I miss it greatly and I think in today's current industry climate I think investing time now in training will give me the edge when the industry finally stabilises.
Plus some fancy letters after my name will look cool.
So that's it for now! Hopefully expect some rolling updates on 'as yet untitled live action project' and lots of rigging and animation headaches on Bernie part trois and many ramblings on how I hate my bum job.

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