Tuesday, 5 May 2009

11th May...

...Is the day I start my new job :D
I'll be working for these chaps : http://www.aproductions.co.uk/
on these things: http://www.3linemedia.com/
I'm a junior animator on a pre-school series for childrens TV. Not much more can be said unsurprisingly due to NDAs but it all looks super happy kawaii! Yay!

Also I'm now on twitter too...there's a million and one ways to keep up to date with your favourite binty! http://twitter.com/bintykins

So, other than scoring a sweet-ass contract and leaving my bum job with speed, I have also been exploring Barcelona as a much needed mini-break with the fella. All has been good :D
Just have to cram like hell now as this new job requires me to get back into 3DS Max and learn mental ray.
I have a nice week of study to look forward too.

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