Thursday, 19 March 2009

New Showreel

Including some of my commercial and personal works. The 2D stuff was for a music video for a band called The Locarnos single 'Unlucky Strike.' Right good song!
I was working on a short involving the guy in the office - he's basically just procrastinating and indicating how much he hates his bum office job. Incidentally I have a job interview this coming Thursday! Whoohoo! I'm well looking forward to it!
Anyway, spoke to my collaborator on the live action horror short project - got some homework to do for next Friday! We are looking for the best actor in the world....who is willing to do a piece for next to nothing. It's gunna be a real test seen as how the audience never sees what ghastly deeds are taking place - just the actors reactions to it. If we can pull it off it'll be really intense. But if the acting is lousy - it could cheapen the whole thing.
Also, Bronson tonight! Looking forward to that! I've watched Watchmen twice now. Been a good run of films on at the cinema recently. I also neeeed to find a Swedish horror film called Let The Right One In. I've been reading about it. I have a long list of films I need to find actually! Not enough hours in the week...

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