Friday, 29 August 2014


Since it's only one more day/sleep/bacon until the launch of Worry Wart (who'm I kidding, there's loads of opportunities for bacon!) I thought I'd share a sneak peak - one of my most favouritest pages! I have included some contributions from some tip-top artists, some really cool pin ups that I can't wait for you to see! But this is something else! I love the humble Haiku. It's so much more hard hitting, a perfect illustration of less is more, don't you think? These contributors all have their own varying experiences of mental health, but one thing links us all together: we ALL make comics. I wanted the pages to be one of hope. An example of how we all carry on regardless!
Please check out the work of these wonderful creators: PJ Montgomery, Rachael Smith, Kris Carter and Vicky Stonebridge! They rank as some of my all time favourites ^_^

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