Monday, 3 March 2014

February 2014 11 Second Club Entry!

Here is my February entry into the monthly animation competition, the 11 Second Club!
It was entered unrendered/unfinished due to a malicious computer virus and human food poisoning but hey, dems da breaks!

I have been slowly collecting bits of equipment in anticipation of The Great Switch to Self Employed May 2014 but had yet to acquire a monitor. Luckily, this month I mentioned it to my housemate and he lent me his! I had about a week of February left and I decided to go for the competition! I really want to get more of my own stuff done this year and the 11 Second Club is an awesome way to practice, have something to aim for and keep skills fresh! Every month they release a short clip of audio from a movie or tv show for us animators to go nuts with. I tried to keep this one simple due to time constraints.
I blocked out the movements on a Saturday evening and animated it over approximately 9 hours on the Sunday! I roughed in the assets and had to leave it that way due to the subsequent aforementioned malware disaster! D'oh!

Voting ends soon and I'll find out my fate! Eeek! There were 201 entries last month!
I'd love to know what you think! I am forever learning ^-^

This months clip (March) is a line from Ghostbusters... I don't think I dare tackle it! :p


Anonymous said...

hello dani, i think bill is really really really nice!
i love the energy and the speed he moves is lovely!
the guy coming throiught the door is also gorgeous! if there was anything i would say i think he bursts through the door very slightly too quick, but the amount his head drops in the frame is the only thing that i think could of been altered... it just looks a little low... but saying that ive never animated on a computer so you can tell me to pee off! im still givg you a very big 10 / 10 because it really is very nice! i admire people who do C.G. I do prefer stop mo, but i do think C.G. must take some skill becaaue i watch CITV etc with my little girls and some of the shows are just disgracefully animated!

bintykins said...

Thank you SO much for your comment! I do agree with you. I really wanted the supervisor to start the shot outside of the room, and I wrestled to get them together in time for the start of the audio clip. It is too quick, I should've added more time at the beginning, but that was the gamble I think :p D'oh! If I was to redo it, this would be the first thing I would change!

So are you a stop mo animator? :D

Vincent said...

Aww that's BRILL Dani, well done! I really like the little gestures they make when speaking, like when Bill swishes his hands.

It's great! :D

bintykins said...

Thank you so much Vincent! :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Really nice! How did you add the set in rough form. Is it just a texture added to a plane?

I feel inspired to submit an entry :)

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