Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Weekend Off...

Sometimes you have to recharge your batteries. After a hectic couple of weeks, attending a convention and having Ian visit, I took this weekend to rest, play, read, chat, mooch and draw. I have been experiencing a bit of a 'step backwards' health wise and I have tried really hard not to get too down about it. Doing all my favourite things this weekend has plastered the smile right back across my face. Amongst many things, I started reading some X-Men comics. I've been working my way through all the films I hadn't seen over the last month or so and getting increasingly excited about superheroes. It's amazing that I have been reading and collecting comics all these years and have managed to thus far avoid the 'Big Two.' I don't quite know why, but I am hankering for them now! Just this year, I have been flicking through the classics when in comic shops. Books I'd never dared pick up before now. I had a great time shopping for Ian's birthday pressie. He wanted some Superman comics and I spent ages in FP, sat on the floor, leafing through all the many books they had and chatting to a lovely girl who worked there. It got me so excited! I settled on Red Son (highly recommended) and Birthright (the one I couldn't put back on the shelf)  I had so much fun buying them and spending so much time chatting about them to one of the staff really gave me confidence. I think all this time, it's been a confidence thing. I have just never known where to start. The sheer amount of Superhero comics is overwhelming. And since there is enough good indie stuff out there anyway, it has kept me going, happily, until now. Anyway, long story short, I have picked the X-Men as my starting point. And it doesn't matter if I have many false starts, I have so much to choose from I'm bound to find something I like! I've bought a couple of volumes so far and I'm already eyeing up more!
I spent part of today colouring up a Psylocke sketch. I had so much fun drawing this. It's like having a massage after a sports event! So completely enjoyable and fulfilling and soothing, somehow.

I also wanted to share my love of an artist with you! Just before the Nerdfest con, Heather Sheppard posted a glorious painting on her facebook page. I have never fallen in love with an image so fast! As soon as I saw it, I was immediately piqued! I don't know if it's the colours, the angle, the characters... it's just so thrilling! The composition is gorgeous, the posing is exhilarating and the colours/textures are sumptuous! I took a couple of moments to ponder on it and then set about contacting her 3 DIFFERENT WAYS. I bombarded her facebook, etsy and twitter accounts! I need this Heather, sell it to me! 
Luckily I got to her before anyone else did, and the beautiful piece you see below is lying on my bedroom floor! This iPhone photo does not do it justice. It's big and so inspiring! I think I have been drawing like a loon ever since I saw it. If only I could birth an image as evocative as this one! It makes me feel how Ghibli does, full of imagination and wonder and wide eyed innocence. I will stop gushing now, but only so I can let your eyes sink into the painting itself...

Who is this liddle guy? Is he playing? :D 

Ian and I have also been getting excited about future Razarhawk plans. I can not shitting wait to bring this comic to you! I am absolutely humbled by the response we've been having and so eager to bring you more! My art is getting better and better. I don't mean that to sound big headed, but I am learning new techniques all the time, my colouring is stronger, my line is improving and my joy of it is ten fold! And when you are surrounded by fantastic arty friends like Heather, it's hard not to want to progress, practice and polish as much as you can! GAMBARIMASHO! (I have been reading a lot of Bakuman... basically, you're all my rivals now!) >:P

That's all f'now. I have comics to make and drawings to draw and dreams to dream. Let's all do our best! 

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