Sunday, 11 August 2013

Worry Wart #29

I spent a day in therapy.
A whole 6 hours learning about my thinking. It has been the best thing I could have done. I have been slowly but surely making amazing steps these past few months. Infact: 2013 in general is going to be such a landmark year for me when I look back. A few different techniques, in combination with each other, coupled with unrivalled love and support have meant that I feel like I've finally, finally cracked it. This anxiety thing. This shit thing!

So this is the beginning of the end of Worry Wart. Thank you for all the amazing messages of support and all the incredible conversations that have been as a result of me baring my soul to you in comic strip form (sort of :p) I don't know how many pages it will take me to end the comic, but it will have a happy ending! I am so, so, soooo much better now. It will contain my experiences of hypnotherapy, ASMR, nutrition therapy, stress and mood management courses, CBT, meditation and my (hopefully) final visit to the doctor.

I have never felt so over this.
I don't believe anxiety has the power to ever scare me again. I know what it is. I know exactly what it is. It doesn't mean I can stop it from happening, but when it does? I am sure it will hold no where near as much power over me as it did all those years ago.
This has been a 5 year battle. It is so hard to relay that in a short comic. And it will be hard to finish it properly. But finish it I must.

Because this comic, or rather the making of this comic, is no longer beneficial to me. And that was always what it was intended for, to be beneficial to me. I am now so far removed from the character in these pages. I don't need to relive these memories. But it will always be here, to remind me just how far I have come. How many steps I took. How I never gave up, no matter how loudly I threatened to. How much I have learned.

I hope that you will always enjoy reading it. One day, if I can figure out how to stitch some sort of narrative into it's tangled mess, I would love to print it ^-^ I would also love to redraw it! Hah!

And you should give yourself a hug every once in awhile! Because, no matter what, we are always trying! And that's the shitting most anyone can ask of us, ever!

To read Worry Wart from the beginning click here!


Paddy said...

Great comic. It is a try in-sight on what people have to deal with. I share pretty much the exact same issues as you did. I myself am trying to overcome it and im so very happy for you :)

Gurrupurru said...

I'm very happy for you :)

Thanks for sharing your experiences and encouraging other people!

Unknown said...

When someone announces the end of something I enjoy I usually get all Awwwwwy . But on this occaision it has brought about happiness. Knowing just how far you have come with dealing with your demons and actually having the balls to tell your story baffles me, but in the same way fills me with pride and inspiration. Congratulations Dani for all of your achievements may you continue to write fantastic comics and slay every Doubting thought that passes you *pulls knife "Mwahahahaha"

bintykins said...

Thank you everybody :D I have won freedom! You can too!
Hopefully, by going through all the options I took, maybe you will find one you would like to try too! I think Hypnotherapy is really complimenting CBT for instance. I am learning about combating negative thought processes consciously - and having it reinforced subconsciously!

Wanderer said...

I have found that ASMR helps me so much when I'm freaking out. Who are your favorites?

bintykins said...

GentleWhispering for sure! Takes less than 2 seconds for her to calm me down :D And not long after that for the tingles and sleeeeeepyness ^-^

Someone lovely sent me a message recommending it to me, I would never have heard of it otherwise. All because they found my comic! I am going to draw it in to spread the word! :)