Friday, 3 May 2013

Worry Wart #24

Not doing a grand old job of heeding this advice myself today! But it does work for me when I can make myself do it! I am finding yoga to be a fab mood booster and I love the feeling of knackered muscles the day after. Some poses are so much harder than they look! The standing side stretch thingy is impossible to hold for 10 breaths! It's YUCK! But it's called a yoga 'practice' because there is no perfect yoga. It's always a practice! Keep practicing! 
When my mind is erratic and bad thoughts are spinning out of control and I can't calm down, I always try to remember to take a moment to have a calming camomile tea. A sit and a re-think, a break, is always a good idea when I get like this! Slow that brain down, it's not a race! And just because my thoughts are racing doesn't mean my heart actually is! 

I have recently been very worried about this comic, and the effect it might be having on my future job prospects. All a possible employer would have to do is google me and 'BAM! Dani Abram is a nervous mental!' But I wanted to be open and honest. It was a big decision to make it not anonymous. I only hope anyone finding this comic would appreciate what a focused and creative endeavor I have turned my anxiety into. 
What do you think? 

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Unknown said...

Any potential employer should see how strong an individual you are Dani!! you are someone who is brave enough to tell the world how you are dealing with the "Invisible Demons". Take these comics down and you are giving in to the very issue you are fighting..
Be strong Dani and get some duct tape for that inner critic..

Gurrupurru said...

I hope most employers will be able to see how honest and great you are :) Moreover, your art is so nice, so… ;)

I do agree, practicing yoga is very helpful. And I also love camomile tea ^_^

Best wishes!