Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ian Matthews

Ian Matthews (as some of you might know if you follow me on Twitter/nosey around on my blog) is the writer of a comic I am working on! Kitty Hawk Kicks Ass is a project born out of our bonding over action/guns/girls/comics and is due to be released this year! Infact, have a progress shot to prove I am actually beavering away (albeit slowly whilst I finish my Bayou Arcana strip!)

Anyway ~ as well as being the writer of this 42 page action-filled visual assault and having penned another comic on the way about a bad-ass Bunny, he is also an uber talented model maker! :D I happened by his CV and stole a copy to alert you to it! Slide your eyeballs over this:

Sweet, no!? He's worked on childrens tv show Igam Ogam and Aardman Animation's The Pirates! He's so clever I hardly understand a word he says! :D

Ian is available for projects and commissions so drop him a line! You can find out more about him here!

He is also my very bestest fwend! ^-^

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Struwwelpeter said...

That there is a fine lookin' monkey. Makes me wish I could make stuff :)