Monday, 1 August 2011

11 Second Club - July 2011

Here is my entry for the July 2011 '11 Second Club' animation competition! I have never entered before but I've definitely got the bug - I had so much fun! And the clip for August is amazing!

Apologies for being a little quiet on the ol' t'interwebs for this month but hopefully you will agree it was worth it!

Wish me luck with the results - there were over a hundred entries the last time I checked!

Wow... now to play 'catch-up' big time with other stuffs :D


Struwwelpeter said...

Very nicely done :) How long did that take?

LEE said...

that's terrific, Dani! love the sleepy-eyed turtle on the left and the top hat turtle :-)

dani abram said...

Thank you both very much! :D

I spent around 30 - 40 hours on it, I seemed to lose track around 30 hours anyway :) Using my lunch breaks and evenings. Phew! What a slog it was!

Bring on the next one I say! :D

Stefan Kamoda said...

I love it, sleepy turtle steals the show!

Upstart Thunder said...

Awesome! Seriously. Well done :)

Peter Northcott said...

Sat through most of the entries whilst Jane searched to find yours. It was our favourite! :)