Sunday, 5 June 2011


Phew! What a PERFECT weekend I've had! I wish it was UPFEST every weekend! I got down to the Tobacco Factory to pick up my paints and find my board at 10:00 - I didn't stop painting or leave my post until 17:30! And I think I happily chatted to people the whole way through! My face still hurts! Thanks to EVERYBODY that stopped by, said a kind word, brought me sweets, bought me a step ladder cause I didn't think my shortness would be a problem (Thanks Dave!) or just stopped to take a photo or have a nosey! If I could high five everyone I would. It meant so much to me and kept me going all day long!

Here are some progress shots: I wish wish WISH I'd taken more photos.. I know people who have so hopefully I can scrape some better ones together for this blog post!

First Roughing in.. I relaxed after this! But it was nerve-wrecking laying the first bit of paint...

ESPECIALLY since this is what the guy behind me had done by that point! What a talent! His name is DANK (I think? If anyone knows please correct me!?)

Few more progress shots before the only one I have of the finished piece...

Weird huh!?

The fest was heaving and the mood was so hyper! I was surrounded by some amazing artists... I had to remind myself to have a look around once in a while to see what they were doing! Here are some faves:

Cheo said some nice words about my piece this weekend! I wish I'd had the balls to introduce myself to him when I had the chance :) I wish I'd taken a photo of his piece on the butchers shutters but here is his Gorilla -

And I don't know who this guy is but sodding WOW...

There was so much more I wish I could post here but there is shit tons more on the UPFEST webby and Facebook Page! Please have a look!

Also, in other news, the canvas that I posted last week was also sold during the show! I wish I'd seen the guy that bought it.... but then I might have tried to talk him out of it like a shy weirdo artist....

Anyway, thanks to everyone again who made it down :) Hope you had as much fun as I did!

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LEE said...

Awesome work Dani! Love your piece - you ought to do more with that character she's freaking freaky!

Glad you had such a great time - I knew you'd rock it! :-)