Thursday, 22 April 2010

Some old bits of art...

These were some ideas for a commission for a deejaay friend of mine. The project then went in a different direction so these paintings are unused! I used Photoshop and Flash, Flash to create the outlines over an original pencil sketch in my sketchbook.
Clearly a bit influenced by Cheo... a reet good Bristol street artist. Also a bit Ghost in the Shelly :)

Some concepts I did for an independent games company I met through They were 'hand painted' in Photoshop :) I like the femme fatale the mostest! She was great fun to paint! Each took roughly a day to complete, possibly working late into the night - with cups of tea (the best time to work :P)

Some quick flash/photoshop doodles:

I will try and dig some more out! Got a few sketchykins floating about somewhere I should imagine :D

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